Darley septic tank cleaning job a success story

If you’ve got a domestic wastewater treatment system or septic tank, ensuring it is regularly cleaned and emptied can play a big part in increasing its efficiency and lifespan.

While it might seem these wastewater workhorses toil away by themselves, they do need a helping hand from a professional cleaning team at least every three years – and Kindreds Liquid Waste Management is here to help.

So when we got a call about a Darley septic tank cleaning job, we sprang into action with our 12,000 litre tanker and equipment. Darley, which is part of Bacchus Marsh, is on the rural-urban fringe near the Western Highway. It’s an area that’s home to many households with septic tanks and wastewater treatment systems. And all should be on a desludging schedule to ensure optimum performance for the households they serve.

The Darley septic tank cleaning project included:

  • Emptying solids from the chamber before carrying out pressure washing of walls;
  • Emptying liquid effluent from chamber and pressure washing;
  • Emptying and pressure washing the filter chamber;
  • Emptying the pump well and, yes, pressure washing that too;
  • And carefully transporting the waste to the recycled water plant.

Our experience crew at Kindreds Liquid Waste Management applauds clients who get their domestic wastewater systems cleaned on a scheduled basis every few years.

We’ve seen plenty of dodgy septic tanks that have been long overdue for desludging and maintenance in our many years in the industry and know their owners are courting disaster. Tank failure can seriously impact people’s health, the environment through contamination of ground water and your bank balance.

With work complete on the Darley septic tank cleaning job, the owner can now feel confident the system will work efficiently and not need emptying again for another few years.

But what about your septic tank or wastewater treatment system? When did you last empty it? And is it still running effectively?

If you have a wastewater system that’s in dire need of cleaning, please contact the trusted team at Kindreds Liquid Waste Management today to book our efficient, cost-effective services.