The grease trap cleaning service supporting Riddells Creek businesses.

Triple interceptor and Grease traps cleaning for Riddells Creek businesses is essential to ensuring your wastewater treatment system is working effectively, getting rid of food and other products, keeping your business operating as usual.

A grease trap or triple interceptor prevents food, oil and waste from entering your sewer system, preventing blockages and ensuring water can run smoothly from sink to sewer. Therefore, grease traps or triple interceptors are an integral component of your wastewater treatment system, which is why the experts at Kindreds Liquid Waste Management recommend having your grease trap or triple interceptor cleaned on a regular basis.

If you own a hospitality business that deals with a lot of food, oils and fats, whether it be a busy restaurant, canteen or café, you should have your grease traps cleaned and serviced at least every three months, perhaps more regularly depending on the amount of people that visit your business on a daily basis.

Failure to do so will eventually result in a fault or blockage of your grease trap, meaning your sewerage system will no longer be able to operate effectively. Not only will this grind your business’s productivity to a halt, it will also cost you a lot of money in repairs and replacement parts.

This is why enlisting the help of the wastewater treatment experts for grease trap cleaning in Riddells Creek is so important.

Kindreds Liquid Waste Management offers a range of grease trap and triple interceptor cleaning services including 24 hour/7 day emergency response, grease trap treatment and disposal of commercial liquid waste and waste management.

We are able conduct swift and non-intrusive grease trap cleaning, meaning our team will go about their work while your business operates as usual. Contact the team at Kindreds Liquid Waste Management to find out more about our grease trap and triple interceptor cleaning service and let us come up with an effective treatment plan that will ensure your wastewater treatment system serves your business for years to come.