Sunbury task no problems for our septic tank cleaning specialists

At Kindreds Liquid Waste we know just how important it is to clean and desludge wastewater treatment systems.

So when a recent Sunbury septic tank cleaning job came up, we were happy to help out. And we took a couple of pictures, which you can see below, of the job in progress.

The Kindreds crew carried out a range of tasks at the Sunbury property including:

  • Emptied out solids from the treatment plant and pressure washed the chamber;
  • Removed liquid effluent from the chamber and put the pressure washer to work again;
  • Emptied and pressure washed the filter chamber;
  • Repeated the process with the pump too;
  • Then transported the waste to a recycled water plant.

Whether we are carrying out Sunbury septic tank cleaning or desludging in another part of the region, the importance of regular servicing and maintenance cannot be overstated.

We recommend people with septic tanks or wastewater treatment systems get their tanks emptied every three years to ensure they are working efficiently and safely. Professionals carrying out the job can also inspect your tank to check there are no problems or repairs that need to be carried out.

It’s also useful to know what possible warning signs might alert you to the fact it’s time to call Kindreds Liquid Waste for help. These signs can include:

  • It’s been close to three years since the last time you got professionals in to clean your septic tank;
  • Your toilets are blocked up and won’t flush properly;
  • It is taking forever to get the water in sinks to completely drain away;
  • And a seriously bad odour emanating from your septic tank or your home’s drains is causing concern.

If you have any of these problems occurring right now, then you know what to do. Call a liquid waste management team like the specialists at Kindreds for help.

For Sunbury septic tank cleaning or desludging work further afield, contact our experienced team today.