Taylex septic plants are waste water treatment systems. They are mainly used on properties that have no town water and sewerage systems available. These septic plants use black water,(sewage from toilets,sullage)and grey water (from water used in the kitchen,laundry and shower). This water is treated and the final stage results in clear water. This water can be used in your garden,making it environmentally friendly. As well as clean water this process also leaves sludge,sewage,waste water and debris at the bottom of the tank. As part of your maitenance and service program your Taylex technician and the team at Kindreds Liquid Waste Management can help. Kindreds will remove the sludge,pressure wash the walls and clean the filter and pump well. Kindreds Liquid Waste Management is a registered,licenced wastewater service provider who have a 12,000 litre vacum tank,complete with a pressure washer. Give Kindreds Liquid Waste a call today for prompt and friendly service.