Experts in liquid waste Ballarat can rely on

Disposing of the domestic liquid waste Ballarat district residents generate on a daily basis is what keeps the team at Kindreds Liquid Waste Management busy, day in, day out.

But collecting liquid waste is just part of the job and our services also include cleaning and maintaining septic tanks and liquid wastewater treatment plants. You might not think about what happens to the waste that disappears into your septic system once it’s gone –  out of sight, out of mind – is most people’s approach. However, while you’ve forgotten about it, that waste decomposing in your septic system is pretty much all we think about because septic systems, although based on a simple idea and structure, can throw up some complex problems if they’re not handled right.

Whatever waste in your system doesn’t decompose through an anaerobic process has to be removed and if you don’t remove it – well, you could be in trouble and up for expensive repair bills. What happens when liquid waste isn’t handled properly and undecomposed sludge is left to build up can be pretty ugly.

Simply explained, septic systems work on a principal that waste in the system separates in one or more tanks, with solids being digested through an anaerobic process and the liquid part eventually draining from the system into what is commonly known as a leach field. Waste that doesn’t decompose – and there’s always some – slowly but surely builds up in the tank and if it’s not eventually removed, that undecomposed gunk will join the wastewater flowing into the leach field. And that’s when your problems really start to increase.

Contaminated wastewater is an unhealthy environmental hazard that’s not only bad for your health, it can also ruin the leach field piping and the leach field itself because the soil becomes blocked and the wastewater can no longer drain away. While a healthy septic system has no odour, we can guarantee that a leach field polluted with unprocessed septic waste can have a nasty pong.

We can’t emphasise enough the importance of ensuring your septic system is healthy. If you’re in doubt, then call in the experts to check for you. At Kindreds, we’re the experts in liquid waste Ballarat and district can turn to for routine check-ups and in an emergency.

Don’t let sludge build up in your septic system, call in our professional team for a septic check-up, clean and maintenance. We’re ready and waiting for your call.