Commercial sanitisation and disinfecting in Melbourne

Kindreds Liquid Waste Management carries out commercial sanitising and disinfecting through misting and fogging in Melbourne, using a high-pressure cleaning system to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. Misting and fogging uses a fine antibacterial vapour that is able to disinfect a large surface area, spraying small droplets on surfaces. This process is highly effective for sanitising large surfaces, from public areas to office spaces.

Commercial disinfecting & sanitisation for businesses

Keeping a workplace safe and sanitised is more important now than ever, Kindreds Liquid Waste Management’s client’s don’t have to be concerned about their workspace’s hygiene standards, as they have all of their surfaces regularly sanitised and disinfected by our team.

Our team is able to effectively clean areas that simply cannot be properly reached and disinfected by a business’s cleaning staff, through the use of a high-pressure cleaner. Our clients include businesses with large office spaces, warehouses, factories, and more.

Commercial sanitisation for Melbourne local councils

Kindreds Liquid Waste Management has a team of santisation and commercial disinfecting with misting and fogging experts that provide ongoing services to a range of councils throughout Melbourne, whether it’s in public bathrooms and toilets, swimming pools or council buildings, these are all areas where proper hygiene maintenance is critical.

Often it takes a big event to make us realise just how important public hygiene and sanitisation is, this occurred recently with the outbreak of COVID-19 that has resulted in a public health crisis globally. Kindreds Liquid Waste Management is proud to partner with many local councils and governments who prioritise the safety and health of their constituents.

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