Septic tank cleaning for Woodend properties

When it comes to septic tank cleaning Woodend property owners should make sure their wastewater treatment systems are professionally emptied about every three years.

At Kindreds Liquid Waste Management we know the risks that come with not carrying out comprehensive tank desludging, cleaning and maintenance. The risks can range from bad odours right through to serious contamination of groundwater and endangering people’s health.

While we recommend septic tank cleaning should occur every three years, the frequency can vary greatly between households. For example, households with smaller tanks and a large number of residents are likely to need their septic systems cleaned more frequently. The same goes for businesses that place high demand on their septic tanks.

If you fail to get your tank cleaned regularly, it won’t work at the optimum level. Tanks can fill, falter or have maintenance issues that, if undetected, can cause costly problems.

When those problems can include faecal matter entering nearby groundwater supply and contaminating it, you should be very worried. So book in septic tank cleaning for your Woodend property to stop such a disaster from happening on your land.

While there can be signs that trouble is brewing – think unpleasant smells, lush grass growing around the tank and wastewater draining slowly from basins – having a regular cleaning schedule is a sensible approach.

Our professional team can easily tell whether the blanket of scum is too thick or the sludge level too high. Using our quality equipment, we can efficiently clean tanks so they’re good to go for another few years of quality service.

Septic tank cleaning in Woodend is a responsibility that no property owner can afford to ignore. Please contact EPA-licensed Kindreds Liquid Waste Management to book our cleaning service today.