Decommissioning a Septic Tank in Gisborne

Decommissioning an old septic tank to upgrade your system can be an overwhelming project. We have an example of a recent job in Gisborne changing over from an old concrete 3200 litre tank to a Taylex Treatment Plant.

One of the first stages is to get some information on what septic system is right for you! Consideration has to be taken on power to run the pump in your Treatment Plant, ongoing maintenance and your budget of course. The owner out at Gisborne decided to go with a Taylex Treatment Plant and decommission his old tank.

Once the licenced Plumber was chosen he went in and installed the Treatment Plant and hooked up the system to your sewer outlet. Then to Decommission the old Tank he called Kindred’s Liquid Waste in to pump out the Septic Waste and give it a good pressure wash clean. Once that was completed a hole was made in the bottom of the tank and then backfilled. You can remove it completely if you want but this is a simpler method if it suits you. Here’s a couple of pictures to get some visual ideas of  Septic Systems.